Style Upgrade


All stylish men understand that the smallest details can have the highest impact. Here’s 3 subtle style upgrades to get you started.

The Art Of Tucking: This season the art of tucking in your clothes is making a comeback amongst the well dressed men in the elite fashion circle. You could try this out too.

Tuck a T-shirt or polo shirt fully into a pair of chinos or tailored trousers for a smart, neat finish.

Fashion Polos For Men

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Swap A Regular Tie For A Knitted Tie: A knitted tie provides a great source of detail. Although most men will always revert to the traditional style, it’s nice to mix it up a little bit and opt for a knitted tie in a bold colour.

Instead of going with a plain silk, opt for a more modern knitted design, which will add texture and individuality to a look while still keeping things classic.

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Keep Sunglasses In Your Top Pocket: When not shielding your eyes, there’s only one place for sunglasses – and it’s not on top of your head or on your neckline.

The way to carry sunglasses is to put them in the breast pocket of a blazer or jacket. If you’d like to be more subtle then just leave one arm hanging out on show. Subtlety is key.

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