Printed Shorts


Hot days and warm nights can only mean one thing – summer is here! When it comes to weekend dressing for summer, nothing fits it perfect than a pair of summer shorts. They’re probably what we’ll be living-in every weekend, till the end of summer or probably till it becomes inappropriate.

We love our range of summer shorts and this is why. The high and low colour effect that you see on the shorts is a garment dye process that gives the shorts a sort of lived-in feel, which makes it the perfect accomplice for a casual weekend look. The nature of the garment-dying process also means that the colour of each pair of shorts is going to be slightly different from the other, which just adds to their unique charm. The soft hand feel and a touch of stretch in our shorts – you’re going to want them forever! Also, our designers have taken extra care to design styles that can be worn for both a casual as well as smart-casual look, and for occassions when you would like to dress it up or take it down a notch. Plus they are hip this season with a range that includes a few floral prints and several solid colours. Pick your favourite to match your weekend look or just get all the colours and live-in them all summer! (Shop Here)

Here’s a few looks to get your summer started.

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